“Mitra is a competent, knowledgeable midwife with so much wisdom to offer couples having children. We successfully delivered our baby girl at home without complication because of her outstanding care and breastfeeding went smoothly due to her experience and constant support. We highly recommend Mitra for a positive child bearing experience.”

Samantha Clarke

“I found Mitra Latifiyan the midwife on Google because my own doctor was not a maternity doctor. I was so pleased that she could take me in during my early stage of pregnancy. From the beginning she had good knowledge and experience of what I should do during the prenatal pregnancy as it was my first time, for example food, exercise, vitamins and overall health. I am very happy that I had met Mitra and she was wonderful in helping giving information, advice, and support during the whole pregnancy. After deliver the postnatal care was extremely good at visiting at home and giving advice, making sure baby and mommy was doing well. I would recommend Mitra the midwife for any new moms that are planning to have a baby because the support and expertise she has to offer will help a lot during and after the pregnancy.”

Kashmir Kaur Singh

“I felt completely safe under Mitra’s care. She really understands how important it is for each woman to have the best birth experience.”

Angelina Christopher

” I am extremely pleased with postpartum care that I received from Mitra. I am thankful for those early visits to the hospital and attribute my success with breastfeeding to her. She is incredibly knowledgeable and up to date with current research. With each visit, she left me feeling calm, confident, “normal” and able to tackle this new job of motherhood. She is diligent, professional and ever- so- caring. Her devotion to her clients and her career is very evident, answering phones calls at all hours. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with Mitra and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a midwife!!”

Erica, Chris and Veronica

“We chose Mitra as our midwife because of her wealth of knowledge and years of experience. She has a sweet and gentle personality but knows when to be firm and strong when your and / or baby’s well- being is at stake. She was calm, caring and supportive. She was extremely helpful in postpartum and called to my house to help me with breastfeeding. I would highly recommend Mitra to anyone considering the midwifery model of care. Thank you for all your help Mitra!!”

Paula Quigley

“The first time I met with Mitra and up to our last postpartum appointment, I was again and again impressed and touched by her dedication to me and my precious little boy. Not only she did give me full of support through each of my appointments, she also went above and beyond accompanying me to my ECV to turn my breech baby knowing that I would be there alone. Nearing the end of my pregnancy when I had to make a decision to induce labour since I was high risk pregnancy at 44 years old, Mitra never let me feel like I was in this by myself. I never had to press her for anything regarding any concern for my or the baby’s health and safety. She was always one step ahead of me, meticulously preparing the way for us. And this was especially evident when we were at hospital for nearly 23 hours of labour. I know that I could not have done it without her by my side. This has been the hardest but the happiest time of my life. I owe so much of it to my Midwife Mitra.”


“I had such a wonderful experience working with Mitra during my second pregnancy. She always listened to my personal needs and made me feel heard and genuinely cared for. She brought experience and professionalism each time I met with her and during my labour. I felt grateful to know that I was in good hands.”

Wendy De Haas

“We were introduced to Mitra after the birth of our second child. She was great in helping us with both baby and mom’s issues at all times. She was very knowledgeable and patient in telling us all the nuances of breast feeding and other issues relating to the baby. She also gave us many good resources on all these issues that we have passed on to others. We wished we had known her earlier for our first child. We highly recommend her.”


“Mitra made it possible for me to have a fantastic birth at home just as I wished. I am very grateful to have her caring for my baby and me for my first pregnancy.
With her attentive support, I truly enjoyed my pregnancy, labour and birth. I felt safe and confident throughout the journey. She’s put effort into knowing me and given me personalized care. She is genuinely passionate about providing excellent care for her clients and loves what she does. I highly recommend Mitra as your care provider.”

Megumi Hasegawa

“Mitra has been amazing, very respectful of my birth plan since day 1… I believe my delivery was successful due to her vast knowledge and experience. The after care I am currently receiving has also exceeded my expectations. Cherry on the cake? She delivers at Saint Paul’s, best hospital in town, the only place which guarantees single room occupancy and bathroom with tub. Thank you!”

Alessia Todde

“Two weeks before the due date of my first pregnancy, our ob/gyn left for a conference, so I reached out to Mitra. Mitra, our angel! I spoke with her on Thursday, fully comprehending my dire situation; she offered to see me that Sat.

Friday very early morning, I went into labour and that evening our son was born. Mitra didn’t miss one beat and was there for me every step! She went beyond what was required of her and gave me the support as if she was my family. Most importantly, she was an awesome advocate for our unborn son. My husband and I felt confident and safe knowing that our son will be delivered under her thoughtful heart and guidance of her empathetic hands. I would do it all over again without changing a thing! You would be lucky to have Mitra as your midwife.”

Tamara & Graeme Campbell

“I had the privileges of having Mitra deliver my little girl this year. She was amazing to deal with, extremely personable and caring. She is very knowledgeable and took great care of me throughout my pregnancy. She really values building a strong and trusting relationship with her clients, and always encouraged me to contact her if I had any concerns or questions. Mitra was wonderful during the delivery, in full control of situation, and giving me the confidence that I needed to trust her and the process. I value our time spent together and would absolutely recommend her as your midwife during this amazing time of your life.”

Lorri Johnson

“Mitra took the time to get to know me, and to let me get to know her. I never felt rushed through appoinments, and she gained my trust completely. Her knowledge, experience and dedication is present from prenatal to postnatal care.”

Meghan O.

“Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for having met Mitra. She has years of experience and it shows. She is knowledgeable, professional, and efficient with a matter- of- fact approach to labour and delivery. She made me feel at ease, giving me confidence in my abilities to having a baby. Her aftercare was outstanding; reliable and always available by phone. With a positive disposition, she offered valuable information for newborn care and also able to trouble shoot with breastfeeding. I highly recommend Mitra, she was born to deliver babies!!”


“Mitra was very supportive throughout my pregnancy. The appointments were not rushed and I felt informed all the time. Thanks to her I had the best birth experience with my first baby.”

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