Virtual prenatal breastfeeding classes

· Benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby
· Preparation for breastfeeding in pregnancy
· Prevention of common breastfeeding challenges
· Establishing a connection to your baby right from birth
· Skin to skin contact helps establish breastfeeding
· Breastfeeding positions
· Recognizing a good latch
· Whether your baby is getting enough milk
· Establishing a good milk supply
· Frequency and duration of feeds
· Hand expression of breast milk at 36 weeks of pregnancy and portpartum
· Pumping and storing breast milk
· Partner and family involvement in breastfeeding
· Informing about sleep and breastfeeding
· Growth spurts and what to expect
· Common breast-related concerns such as engorgement, blocked
ducts and mastitis
· Breastfeeding after the first 6 months
· Adopting mothers: Induced Lactation support
· Surrogacy pregnancies: Induced Lactation support
· Same-sex couples: Induced Lactation support
· Introducing solid foods with breastfeeding
· Candida challenges
· Infant Weight loss
· “Fussy” babies
· Frequent feeders
· Nipple/breast pain
· Low blood sugars in baby
· Mother’s hormone disorders
· Colic/reflux/gassiness
· Jaundice
· Caesarian post-recovery support
· Supplementation methods
· Feeding multiples
· Tandem feeding
· Return to work concerns
· Weaning
· where to get support
· ask questions and get answers!

All our services like Midwifery, Breastfeeding Clinic, and Postpartum Clinic are covered by MSP except the Virtual Classes.

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