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Having Breastfeeding Issues? A Breastfeeding Clinic Can Help

May 11, 2021

Midwives and other medical professionals are a very important part of breastfeeding education. Not every mother or baby will magically have zero problems when it comes to breastfeeding. There is a learning curve, and it is perfectly natural as a mother to struggle with breastfeeding. A breastfeeding clinic in Vancouver is an important resource for families who are struggling with various issues related to breastfeeding, latching, sore, cracked, or bleeding nipples, milk supply, and worries about whether your child is getting enough milk are all common. None of these problems should be a reason to feel or receive shame.

Breastfeeding is a natural part of caring, providing, and bonding with your child. If mothers can breastfeed, it is highly recommended that they do. While some medications or medical conditions result in mothers not being able to breastfeed their babies, proper position, and skin-to-skin contact are two important factors when it comes to bonding and caring for your infant.

Skin-to-skin time is when a baby snuggles on their parent’s (mother or father’s) bare skin. Skin-to-skin contact is important for babies who are being breast or formula fed. This form of contact releases hormones that lower the mother’s stress and promote healing, as well as calm her baby. It also helps mothers to breastfeed for longer by building her milk supply and making her bond with her baby stronger.

Seeking a breastfeeding clinic may be beneficial if you are struggling with issues such as increasing milk supply, inducing lactation for mothers who are adopting, planning for mothers who are working, insufficient milk supply, sore or damaged nipples, pain, thrush, help with latching, and more.

In British Columbia, breastfeeding clinics are covered by the B.C. care card. This covers both telehealth and home visits from midwives, or any other medical professional such as a lactation consultant. A breastfeeding clinic Vancouver may be a good idea if you are concerned about your baby’s nutrition intake. Medical professionals knowledgeable in breastfeedings, such as midwives, doctors, and lactation consultants, will be able to help you navigate a healthy diet that is good for you and your child.

While many mothers and babies do not struggle with breastfeeding, struggling with pain, latching, milk supply or any other issue that a breastfeeding clinic will be able to help with does not mean that you are a bad mother. Even mothers who had no problems breastfeeding their first child may have problems with their other children. The important thing is to ensure that you deal with any issues as they crop up and that you are well-supported to do so.

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous about breastfeeding and making sure that your baby is feeding often enough and getting the proper amount of milk and nutrition. There are plenty of online resources that offer parents unbiased information and useful knowledge and advice.

La Leche League, an international non-profit organization has an active presence in Canada and runs support groups for mothers. Founded in 1956, La Leche League offers telephone support and online resources. La Leche League Canada has been supporting Canadians for over 50 years and has been promoting the benefits of breastfeeding throughout that time.

Breastfeeding promotes happy, healthy, babies who have strong attachments to their mothers. Breastfeeding can lessen the risk of postpartum depression; it is an important bonding experience for both mother and child.

It is okay to feel nervous, or need help when breastfeeding, especially at the beginning. The goal of breastfeeding is to promote health and wellness through one of the most natural things a mother and newborn child can do.

If you are concerned or are struggling with breastfeeding, a breastfeeding clinic will have the resources and tools available to help you accomplish and meet your breastfeeding goals.


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